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Daily Steps to Help Prevent Dry Skin

Numerous methods are used at the same time for controlling dry skin. It's easy to  think of them in different groups.

Daily Steps to Prevent Dry Skin

Environmental: This includes controlling the humidity in your home and being careful outside in the extreme heat and cold. Low humidity levels are associated with dry skin. Dressing properly and watching out for the drying effects of the wind is also very helpful. Using a water softener at home is also a big step in the right direction. Water that hasn't been softened pulls moisture out of skin and makes dry skin much worse.

Avoiding sun light and using sunscreen will also help. The suns UV rays damage the skins elastic properties, injuries the superficial layers and cause skin cancers. Frequent swimming in heavily chlorinated pools can lead to dry skin by removing the important skin oils.

Daily Activities: Selecting a mild soap and shampoo is a good start. Avoiding hot showers and baths is very important. The hot water softens the skin oils and they are much easier to remove with soap and water. Consider starting a shower with hot water and gradually turn the temperature down as you become use to the lower temperature. Use soap only on the very oily and dirty areas. Consider taking a shorter shower or showering every other day.

Medical Conditions: Controlling long term chronic diseases like diabetes, psoriasis and some hormone conditions helps prevent or reduce their effects on the skin. You'll need to optimize your body the best way possible. Smoking is one thing you can avoid to help with dry damaged skin. Following your physician's advice often helps.

Combination problems: Now consider what happens when numerous conditions and behaviors over lap each other.  Consider a smoking uncontrolled diabetic who loves sunbathing, lives in Arizona, without a humidifier and avoids sunscreen.  Everything in their life damages the skin.  It's amazing the skin doesn't fall off and burst into flames.

Skin Care: Using a moisturizing cream can help your skin become healthy and avoid dry, itchy and irritated skin. Moisturizers tend to work better if applied after a shower or bath. Our Overnight Rehydration Skin Moisturizing Programs help get you on the right tract to healthy, soft and smooth skin. Just remember, it's OK, it's OK to take care of yourself.


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