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Overnight Rehydrating Foot Moisturizing Program

Overnight Rehydrating Foot Moisturizing Program

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Rehydrate, soften and protect dry, damaged skin with a physician-designed, easy-to-apply, at-home program. Works well with all causes of dry skin including diabetes, psoriasis and neuropathy. We suggest a weekly application. Program includes supplies for 4 weekly applications for both feet, easy to follow instructions with great pictures and tips.

Fun Facts

Supplies Included with Program

Overnight Rehydration Skin Cream

Physician inspired and formulated Overnight Rehydration Skin Cream helps restore lost skin oils, moisturizes, attracts moisture and provides a protective barrier that helps reduce moisture loss from the outer layer of the skin.
Specifically formulated for weekly overnight use, the cream is very thick, has great hand feel and stays in place. It is much thicker than most highly processed commercial moisturizers, so it will be a new experience. It melts slowly and is absorbed overnight, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth.

The Overnight Rehydration Skin Cream contains urea and lactic acid that the American Diabetes Association reports helps moisturize better than products with just emollients (moisturizers). There are no mineral oil, parabens, dyes or fragrances in Tode’s formulations.

Sunflower oil was chosen as one of the key ingredients since it contains large quantities of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids. It’s a consistently smooth oil that’s ideal for creams. Toad Skin Solutions LLC is headquartered in Kansas and we love sunflowers.

Peppermint oil was selected for its skin cooling properties related to the menthol content in the essential oil. It has an exceptional minty aroma which is crisp, clean and very pleasing.

Licorice extract provides skin soothing properties. Web MD reports licorice extract possibly improves symptoms of itchy inflamed skin often seen in eczema.

Tea tree oil was selected for its pleasing, spa-like aroma.

Natural Exfoliating & Moisturizing Soap

Physician formulated Natural Exfoliating & Moisturizing Soap safely softens and helps remove dead skin cells. Made at a family-owned facility in Nebraska using small batch techniques with olive oil, sweet almond oil, sustainable natural palm oil, shea nut butter and finely ground walnut shells. Tode’s soap is tripled milled and 100% natural with a luxurious feel and exceptional lather.

Heel Cups
The heel cups give special attention to the heels and help keep the Overnight Rehydration Skin Cream in place and can be easily modified with scissors.

Overnight Moisture Barrier
The overnight moisture barrier helps keep the Overnight Rehydration Skin Cream in contact with your skin. The thin plastic conforms easily and limits bunching for a comfortable night’s rest.

Cotton Crew Socks
Two pairs of comfortable non-constricting white crew socks, knitted in Alabama by a small family-owned mill using upland cotton sourced from mills in the Carolinas.

Organizing Storage Box
The Program is shipped in a storage box that can easily organize all the program supplies when not in use.


How It Works & Ingredients

Program Instructions

  • Lay out all of the supplies and read through the instructions. You can even do a “dry” run to practice.
  • Wash your feet in warm water using Tode’s Natural Exfoliating & Moisturizing Soap. Pat dry with a soft towel.
  • Apply a thin layer of Tode’s Overnight Rehydration Skin Cream on the sole and heel of your foot and massage gently into the skin, nails and cuticles. Apply a thick frosting-like layer on the bottom of your foot and around the heel, avoiding the skin between the toes. Use a total of one fourth of the cream on both feet
  • Open the heel cup and place on the heel. The bubble infused plastic helps prevent the cream from being squeezed away from the skin. Trim with scissors to fit, if needed.
  • Open Tode’s overnight barrier and position your foot (with heel cup in place) inside the barrier with the heel on one end, and smooth out any wrinkles. Carefully fold the barrier over the top of the toes and ease your foot into the sock.
  • Gently slide on the non-constrictive crew socks and wear overnight.
  • Remove in the morning and massage any remaining cream into your skin. The barrier and heel cup are single use, while the socks can be washed and reused. Be careful and walk slowly so you don't slip and fall. Ask for help walking if you are unsteady and have poor balance or have a feeling that you might fall.

Toad Tips

  • If your not sure what size to order purchase the program with the size you think will work and trace your foot out on a sheet of paper and email it to and we'll take it from there. We'll compare your tracing and adjust the order as needed.
  • You can also put your shoe size in to comment section of the check out cart.  
  • Soaps with a high concentration of moisturizers get mushy easily if left in water. Store out of water or in a well drained container.


      • Do not use if you have a open wound, open blister or skin infection.
      • Do not use if your allergic to any of the ingredients in the cream or soap.
      • Do not use if your prone to falling and there is no one around to help


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